Saliva cover Eminem's Lose Yourself

Cover songs can be fine stuff when done properly. Sure it's not easy at all since you not "only" need to infiltrate the classic track but also need to add a own touch to the music so something new and fresh calls to the attention of the listener.

Eminem's "Lose Yourself" grabbed my ears back in the day with it's furious and constant vocal performance power and permanent movement of the crowd in the video that came with the track.

These days Multi-platinum and Grammy nominated hard rock group SALIVA have picked up just that song and turned it into a straight high energy rockin' number that will pump you up for tonight's party. But it also breathes the spirit of the original. Along with it comes a cover sleeve also reflecting on the origins of the original plus adding some Saliva extra to it.

You can listen and purchase this special treat over at iTunes or have a look on Google Play.

The cover of Saliva's digital single for "Lose Yourself", (c) by Saliva, used with kind permission

Saliva are also currently hitting the road in the US with a special offer for all the young attenders of their shows. They have been adding a special twist to the performance of their well renowned hit “Click Click Boom” by bringing youngsters (ages 11 – 12) on stage to participate with them.

SALIVA lead singer Bobby Amaru says of the kids joining them on stage, “I always fantasized when I was a kid about being on stage with a band! I believe it makes them feel special. It's already a cool thing that their parents take them to rock n roll shows but to be able to have that experience takes it to another level for them. They are the new generation”

Here is the string of dates already starting today:

     Sep 23    Parkview Field    Fort Wayne, IN   

     Sep 24    The Firehouse BBQ & Blues    Richmond, IN   

     Sep 28    Amnesia Too    St Joseph, MO   

     Sep 29    Stormy's Music Venue    Beaver Dam, WI   

     Sep 30    Route 20    Sturtevant, WI   

     Oct 06    The Warehouse    Clarksville, TN   

     Oct 07    Ride The Ozarks Rally    Harrison, AR   

     Oct 12    Home    Arlington Heights, IL   

     Oct 21    MASON'S LIVE    Lakeland, FL        

     Dec 11    Whisky A Go Go    West Hollywood, CA

Check their website for constant updates and additions as well as ticket purchase links.


Moscow shares thoughts on the inner voice

Always listen to your inner voice! That's what Russian Rock Goddess Moscow tries to express with her song and video for the track "Queen of Sin". I like that raw screamed refrain. It cuts this part of the song out of the softer context of the rest of the music. Additonally there are some spoken distorted pieces in there, too. That add's even more to the special feeling this single represents in my ears.

Underneath the rocking attitude the track holds a strong message in it's lyrics which I think is well worth taking a moment to think about...

When asked about the meaning behind “Queen of Sin”, Moscow said: “The 'Queen of Sin' idea was originally based on the philosophy of Nietzsche, which basically says that you are your own god and your own devil, you are in charge of your morals, to decide what's good and what's bad. Listen to your own Queen of Sin, which we all have deep inside.”

Check out more of Moscow by following her on the social accounts hosted at Twitter and Instagram.or go directly to iTunes to purchase the EP of the same name.


CD Review: Terra IncΩgnita - Sign With Blood (Epic Heavy Metal, 2016)

Let's discover the Terra IncΩgnita and find the unseen in form of melodic yet very heavy and groove oriented music highlighted by vocals ranging from dark tones to high notes and also some develish laughs can be heard.

Good things come your way when you least expect them. So it happened to me with this 4 track disc of greece-based band Terra Incognita. They crossed my way at a moment I felt down but the band gave me the power to push on forward.
The cover of the EP "Sign With Blood", (c) by Terra IncΩgnita, used with kind permission

It felt to me just as if I was discovered them at one of those moments you know while being on a summer Open Air festival and you hang with people near the stage. Out of nowhere there are these songs in the background and you turn around because they've caught your attention. You want to know who the heck is singing so high and is able to keep these high notes standing for such a long time while the band grooves and powers throughout the whole duration...


So what has made me curious? Sure thing the band takes what they feel fits best together. This ranges from the classic rock metal anthem formula up to dark classic metal parts but also throws in modern guitar effects every here and there. Sometimes there is also softer part in it giving a moment to breathe just to be back with more heavness shortly afterwards.

The strength of this EP comes from it versatile formula. The music never becomes one-direction styled. Instead it moves and changes withing few moments. It's a high art nevertheless because it sounds like one piece and never loses it's direction so you don't feel as if it's just pressed to be this way. It maintains a natural style.

It's fine to see the agression is finetuned and placed at the proper positions so it always underlines the expression of the music. The vocals round out the great feeling these tunes gave me. They change and besides the great high pitched classic vocals they take forms like speaking, laughing, whispering at times. It's a pleasure to follow the band and while I'm typing these words the music of Terra Incognita is running once and again in the background.

Preview Stream and Purchase-Link

Make sure to tune in to the video of the track "Conqueror" offered below. More can be heard at the Spotify channel of the band or see their Youtube page for some live recordings.

You can pick up a copy as download over at Amazon Music or Google Play.

Contact Data

Please keep in mind that these EP is a teaser to the coming album “Fragments of a Ruined Mind”. So make sure to follow Terra IncΩgnita further on Facebook or check their homepage so you won't miss out on how the story continues...


Voyager to tour Europe and UK September/October 2017

Some say that the beginning of a new week doesn't hold any good but this news blew me away. A mail reached my inbox saying that some of Australia's finest prog metal bands is going to hit some European and UK venues already at the end of this month.

Having followed the band Voyager since the days of the "V" album and being more than overwhelmed by the brand new "Ghost Mile" output this is news that needs to be shared all the way.

Voyager will open up for the French band Uneven Structure that also offers progressive metal music to the attenders. Make sure to come around for a event with bands that surely deserve your time and money.

Uneven Structure and Voyager tour dates

Sep 29: Cologne Euroblast Festival, Germany
Oct 06: Baarlo Progpower Europe, Netherlands (Voyager only)
Oct 09: London Underworld, UK
Oct 10: Birmingham The Flapper, UK
Oct 11: Dublin Voodoo Lounge, Ireland
Oct 12: Glasgow Audio, UK
Oct 13: Manchester Satan’s Hollow, UK
Oct 14: Guildford The Boiler Room, UK
Oct 15: Leiden Gebr De Nobel, Netherlands (Uneven Structure only)
Oct 16: Muenster Sputnik Cafe, Germany
Oct 17: Berlin Maze, Germany
Oct 18: Wroclaw Carpe Diem, Poland
Oct 19: Prague Underdogs, Czech Republic
Oct 20: Vienna Chelsea, Austria
Oct 23: Munich Backstage, Germany
Oct 26: Milan Legend Club, Italy
Oct 27: Zug I45, Switzerland
Oct 29: Barcelona Apolo 2, Spain
Oct 30: Madrid Caracol, Spain

Purchase tickets at  http://www.seetickets.com/ or via the venues' official websites for Europe.

Update 23.09.2017: Additional info about Uneven Structure - the band is going to play the newest album 'La Partition' in full EVERY night, as well as a few classics. Listen to the track "Incube" on YouTube.

Here are direct links that will let you quickly picking up tickets.

Buy Tickets for UK Shows

Buy Tickets for European Show

The tourflyer for the Uneven Structure /Voyager tourpackage fall 2017, (c) by Uneven Structure / Voyager, used with kind permission

If you've not heard something of the new Voyager record here is the title track their current album as a quick check out tune.


Helion Prime hold open vocalist audition

It's hard to read that the American Sci-Fi power metal band Helion Prime has parted ways with vocalist Kayla Dixon. Having released the excellent "Remnants of Stars" single I had hopes that this would be the end of the search. 

But this situation of a band looking for a new voice is also a chance for others who would like to join a professional band with their talent. The band has set up a online audition to find the proper person behind the microphone. Here's how you can seize your chance:

Location is not important.

All submissions must be a video performance.

The open auditions run until November 5th. (Ignore the deadline from the video)

The way to audition is simple:

1 - Download instrumental versions of "Life Finds a Way" and "Remnants of Stars" at this link.

2 - Record/film yourself performing "Life Finds a Way". Please include all that you can (harmonies, layers, etc). For those who wish write your own lyrics and melodies for "Remnants of Stars". Remnants is optional.

3 - Send video submissions to auditions@helionprimemetal.com and make sure to include your full name and contact information.

Please share this info with anyone and everyone so the band has a chance to find a new vocalist.

There's also a video that is a call to action to all the vocalists out there:


Interview with Alex Garoufalidis (Kings Call, Melodic Hard Rock 2017)

The band played a club show last month in my hometown in Lingen as part of the new concert series "Lingen Volume". They brought a big bag of straight going Hard Rock numbers and combined them with longer songs that gave room for experimental solo sections as well as lots of lessons on how to use those instruments properly.

The live line-up is build as a three-piece combo. It was founded by guitarist Alex Garoufalidis who also performed the vocal tracks on that night. We had the pleasure to speak with him about the life and work as a dedicated guitar player, his origins and inspirations for songs and lyrics at the beginning and also asked about a little insight into the upcoming new album "Showdown"...

Heavy Metal Underdogs: Having heard some songs live I was impressed by the mixture of classic Rock, Metal, partly blues elements and some guitar wizardry. How do you inspire yourselves for new songs?
Alex Garoufalidis: The inspiration for new songs…life itself.  I don’t want to limit my music to a certain genre… to a certain expectation…I’ve travelled all over the world…all them impressions are reflected in my music

King's Call live at Alter Schlachthof Lingen Germany, 19.8.2017

Can you remember you picked up a guitar the first time?
I remember picking up that guitar in my early teens and I said to myself – this is it, this is me! It opened up an entirely new world to me…no limits of expression…I would go so far to say that music is a ‘just’ a means…because it’s art. For all I know it could have been acting, writing etc anything.
Decades ago we did not have all the ‘modern’ means kids have nowadays. We played them guitars ‘till they fell apart…so did all the vinyl LPs…as we tried figuring out our fav songs. That guitar we had to earn…our parents did not have much money…No money for lessons therefore. I was just into music 24/7…playing, playing, playing.

Are the lyrics based upon your own life experiences?
The songs I write are all ‘true’ …my own experiences, opinions.

You've used just one guitar at the show in Lingen. You re-tuned it at some point. Do you only play this model (I think it was a Gibson SG) or are there other guitars you experiment with? Is it maybe the good handling that let's you prefer the SG?
That gig night in Lingen I only used my ’87 Les Paul Custom. I’ve tried ‘Cobalt’ strings for the first and I loved ‘em right from the get go. I only own a couple of guitars. That’s all I need. I am not a collector , I am a player ;-)
King's Call live at Alter Schlachthof Lingen Germany, 19.8.2017

How did you find the people that are currently in the band?
The guys in the band…well, Asec the drummer has been with me since day one of ‘’King’s Call’’…all others are helping out whenever they can.

How did it come to the collaboration with Chis Tsangarides? How did you know he's the right choice for producing the "Lion's Den" album as well as the coming output? 
Some of my all time favourite Bands have been produced by Chris Tsangarides (Thin Lizzy,UFO, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Judas Priest). It was a natural step to approach him to work with …and let me tell you, he’s one great guy. Superb work he does… and the stories from ‘back then’ he can tell are priceless.
King's Call live at Alter Schlachthof Lingen Germany, 19.8.2017

Could you please let us have a little preview on the coming album, what can the listener expect?
Recording a new album is always a moment in time, a mirror of oneself …as we progress in life…so, does the music. It should at least.

As for the songwriting for the new record: did the other band members also had some influence on the new music or do you prefer to compose on your own?
I write all songs and lyrics, yes.

King's Call will release a brand new album called "Showdown" on 25th November 2017 via Lions Pride Music. It's surely a exciting time so a look upon the band's homepage and Facebook page is highly recommended so you won't miss out on the upcoming album revelations.

The concert series "Lingen Volume" will continue it's way. As for September no show will take place. It's time for the annual city celebrations that already offer lot's of concerts all across the city as Open Air shows. Make sure to follow the further annoucements of the crew behind the concerts on Facebook.


A Place To Fall are looking for a rehearsal room

It's sad to see band's often have to suffer to find a place where they can create and rehearse their musical expressions. The same thing happend to the post Hardcore formation A Place To Fall.

They are currently looking for a new place to rent in the area of Lingen / Meppen (Lower Saxony) in Germany. If you have something to offer or know of somebody who has please don't hesitate to get in touch with the band on Facebook. Serious offers only please.

The band recorded one last video at their old rehearsal room. It's the album opener "Your Fall". Make sure to see the full video because the end has a nice making of and some funny scenes showing the moments when things didn't fit at every single note...


Oldschool thrash package with Onslaught, Artillery & Exarsis in Europe Fall 2017

This package promises to bring in thrash like in the old days with a massive billing featuring bands that will make the club burn! Plus you can pick up the brand new Exarsis record up to four weeks ahead of the official street date. Check all the details below.

The Greek Thrashers of Exarsis will release their new album, "New War Order", on October 20th. On the occasion of the release, the band will accompany Onslaught and Artillery on their Thrash 'Till Death European Tour 2017 from 23.09 to 13.10, on which the album is already available in advance!

"New War Order" was recorded again at the D Studios in Athens and mixed and mastered by Mike Karpathiou. The album contains 10 songs with a playing time of almost 40 minutes. A "must have" for every thrash metal maniac!

Thrash 'Till Death tourdates Fall 2017 for Europe

// tourdates //
23.09 Helvete Club – Oberhausen, Germany
24.09 Hedon Club – Zwolle, Netherlands
25.09 De Verlichte Geest – Roeselare, Belgium
26.09 Roxy Concerts – Flensburg, Germany
27.09 Garage Deluxe – Munich, Germany
28.09 Moonlight Music Hall – Diest, Belgium
30.09 Kiehool Burgum – Burgum, Netherlands
02.10 Schwarzer Adler – Tannheim-Egelsee, Germany
03.10 Escape Metalcorner – Vienna, Austria
04.10 7er Club – Mannheim, Germany
05.10 Musigburg – Aarburg, Switzerland
06.10 Dagda Live Club – Pavia, Italy
07.10 Revolver Music Hall – Venice, Italy
08.10 Borderline – Pisa, Italy
09.10 Utopia Sala – Zaragoza, Spain
11.10 SMAC de La Gespe – Tarbes, France
12.10 Sala Upload – Barcelona , Spain
13.10 Urban Concept – Vitoria, Spain


Corners Of Sanctuary show how Dreams sound like

Take chances when they come across in your life. At least as long as they include something good for you. That's what I would recommend to people out there thinking about this topic.

Corners Of Sanctuary recently had the chance to break out of the band's sound formula. This may sound strange for a band rooted in the traditional Metal sector but I like to see band's leaving their boundaries behind and daring to go new ways. It's impressive to hear a spectrum of feelings in it. The drums stand out a bit. It's not often that I've heard double bass drums on a slower track but here it works to my surprise. Read on and find out how that new song "Dreams" came to life and listen while reading. It's a longer read but well worth it.

"We wanted to try something different," said Mick Michaels, the band's founder and guitarist. "I had the opportunity to work with Kayla last year while producing Powerless Rise's first album. I knew she would make a great fit for the direction this song was meant to go in," he continued.

Breaking out of the routine
The song is a strong departure from the band's usual delivery of the modern classic heavy metal sound. "I think we managed to maintain our signature traditional style. It's definitely COS. We just tweaked the formula a bit to create another layer of the band's personality. You can't be afraid to take chances," Michaels added. “This is a sweet track! It actually strikes a nice balance between catchy hooks and the usual Heavy Metal sound. I think people will love it,” said Jason McGathey, President of Exquisite Noise Records regarding the new single.

The artwork of the new Corners Of Sanctuary single "Dreams", (c) by Corners Of Sanctuary, used with kind permission

Lyrics co-written with Drummer Mad T
Inspired by a friend as a challenge to do something different, Michaels wrote the music but co-penned the song's lyrics with drummer Mad T. "After the music was demoed, I asked T what he thought and if he had any ideas for the arrangement. He said he really liked it and handed me some lyrics he had already written. They fit. We did some rewrites and adjusted the arrangement... T wrote the bulk of the lyrics, I just COSified them," Michaels explained. “The lyrics were actually written a few years back,” states COS drummer Mad T. “When I heard the song, I knew immediately they would work. I’m absolutely blown away with how this song turned out. The combination of Kayla and the music. The song literally feels like a dream!” he added with a smile.

Status of upcoming album
"Dreams" comes on the heels of the band's recent completion of their "yet-to-be-released" fifth studio album, "The Galloping Hordes". The album, which began recording in late 2016, was being worked on in between the band’s hefty live date schedule and is slated to release this Fall.

"We are hoping to get the album out later this year. But there's no rush," said bassist James Pera. "We have a lot of stuff going on at the moment and when the time is right, it will be released," he added.

A promo shot of Corners Of Sanctuary done on a cold winter day, (c) by Corners of Sanctuary, used with kind permission

Song originally planned as Duet
When asked how he felt about having another singer take the lead for this single, current front man Frankie Cross quickly responded, "This band has done so much for me both personally and professionally. I am beyond grateful. For this song, we talked about doing a duet. I know that's what Mick originally had in mind for the song. But after hearing Kayla's recorded tracks, we knew immediately that having her voice as the lead was the right way to go. As a band we couldn't be happier with the way the song turned out."

In a recent interview on The Keep it Metal Show, the band talked about their consideration for releasing a video for the song in the coming months. “Some initial concept pieces have already been put together for a possible video. More so to give the song an even deeper complexity. But we will see. Like James said, we have a lot of stuff going on at the moment," commented Michaels.

“Dreams” is available on multiple online platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify among others as well as on the COS website www.cornersofsanctuary.com/musiccatalog.html.

The song is also currently in full rotation on Digital Revolution Radio: www.digitalrevolutionradio.com.

Upcoming Tourdates
Look for Corners of Sanctuary this November as they make their way to California for The American Metal Mayhem Tour, November 3rd – 12th, sponsored by Metal Babe Mayhem.

September 22 - Coal Mine Taproom– St. Clair, PA.
(with Threatpoint)

September 23 - The New Penny – Scranton, PA
(with Threatpoint)

November 6 – The Rainbow Bar & Grill – West Hollywood, CA
(with Kantation & Taipan)

November 11 - The House of Metal at Malones – Santa Ana, CA
(with Resistance)

November 12 – C4CORadio.net – Santa Ana, CA
(In studio performance & interview)

More Dates TBA, check the band's website or Facebook page for updates.


CD Review: Mercy Isle - Undying Fire (Symphonic Metal, 2016)

A epic piece of symphonic rock and metal that sets it's focus on dedicated listeners of intensive sounds.

Mercy Isle are a American-Dutch symphonic metal/rock band with massive female vocals. The band is a fusion of American pop/rock with elements of European symphonic metal. "Undying Fire" is the first full length release.

The album art for Mercy Isle's "Undying Fire" record, (c) by Mercy Isle, used with kind permission


Having heard this album several times now it always makes me wonder how deep and completly musicians are able to turn towards music. This album is like it was made to show how much the creators are giving there all and everything into the music.

The longplayer start's out easy with the first three tracks being all songs you would expect of a symphonic metal release these days. The tunes are direct rockers going straight to the meat. You can imagine a crowd going all on it They invite you to let your feelings let go and are a good opener to warm you up for what's to come.

Song four is a ballad turning the tides. Yet easy to access it already becomes more detailed and has some changes in it. This serves as a bridge to "No one will save you" and "Uncaged" both being the hardest to get by tracks. They need the full attention of the listener and are loaded with massive sounds and vocal layers. Being patient pays off and will reveal it's full potential to you.

"I Am" is sort of a crawling number, midtempo all the way but feels warmly welcomed through it's fresh attempt. Something not to be heard that often in this genre of metal. "Saying Goodbye" gives more silent moments - they give you time to take a moment off of the everyday stress and let you dream. The last two tracks give room for the more complex formula deserving higher attention to have the full point. The more often you listen the more you'll enjoy them.

Purchase-Link and Album Preview

If you're after a album that needs several rounds and offers complex and deep song structures "Undying Fire" will give you satisfaction for months. There are also lighter tracks but it surely is for all those that love to focus themselves on music and nothing else. Pick up a copy digitally on Bandcamp or order the silver disc from the same location. The band deserves some bucks for giving us such in-depth music.

For a quick overview I've included the full album stream below.

Upcoming Shows / Contact Data

Some shows have been announced for October 2017 in the Netherlands. Check the band's homepage for more details. Hold a further eye on this band using Reverbnation, Twitter or Facebook.


God In A Cone turn the cube at the shore

Do you remember the Rubik's cube that came out in the 80's? It was a cube with small color fields at each side. The mission was to have every side in one single color.

Thinking back of this puzzle I often feel like the cube could be a symbol for life. Everyone tries to have the same fine and good color on each side (of their life) but no one really ever reaches that aim. Or in other words: everyone tries to have everything tuned fine in their life but there's always something left that doesn't fit.

The open experimental sound project God In A Cone seems to be of a similar opinion and has created a fine new video for the track "Obscurist" of the album "Parasitoid". Besides a cool car ride to the shore it also has the cube with it. I like the good light guitar and vocal feeling that this one features yet there is this slight heavyness at the end.

Make sure to follow God In A Cone on Facebook for everything new that is happening all the while. And there's a lot of stuff going on over there...


Next To None announche August 2017 US dates

Next To None are a cool new band that has come up to my screen. They've put out their second album "Phases" these days and I'm discovering their sound step by step. I think they have something with them that could develop heavy music further.

It's not so much if they are prog metal or anything else but in common I feel that the way the band takes it's steps could be something of giving way for a bigger understanding of music in general breaking the chains of limitations of music. Don't waste your time with limitations. If it's music you like and enjoy it's music you like and enjoy. This seems to be the message to me they send out through their sounds. Check it out for yourselves with the song "Pause":

Readers living in the US can see Next To None this month live touring with label mates Doll Skin.

8/9 – El Paso TX - Low Brow Palace

8/10- Albuquerque, NM- The Jam Spot

8/11 – Tucson AZ – Loadhouse

8/12- Las Vegas, NV- Dive Bar

8/16 – Portland OR – Rock Hard PDX

8/17 – Seattle WA – Chop Suey

8/18 – Lewiston ID - 3rd Wheel

8/20 – Colordo Springs CO – Sunshine Studios

8/22- Omaha, NE- Shamrocks

8/24 – Jackson MN – Ellefson Coffee Co.

8/25 – Mankato MN – Whats Up Lounge

8/26 - Chippewa Falls WI – EveryBuddys Bar

8/27 – Oshkosh WI – Burning Soul Studio

8//28 – Baraboo WI – Private Event

8/29 - Ft Atkinson WI - Hijynx

The band's second album ‘Phases’ has been released through InsideOutMusic in Europe and EMP Label Group in North America.

Next To None online:


Live Review: Semperfield / Insanity Moments - Lingen 15.07.2017

What a fantastic night! It was a great pleasure to discover two fresh bands at this very summer evening. A little story about feeling like going back to the days of your first concert visits.

Having arrived early at the venue was a plus. I had the pleasure to talk to some people outside of the venue and could easily get into the mood for the evening. The venue this time was a youth center that was kind enough to give new bands a chance and host the event. Sure it's small in there but I love the way the few space is used. For instance there's a area where you can put up your jacket. The holders are mounted underneath a nice collection of vinyl that are drapped at the wall. It feels a bit like home.

Precisely at 20h Insanity Moments took to the stage to open up their set. The band seized their chance and gave the crowd a good insight into their unique sound offers. It's one of those young bands that are able to express the situation they are living in through their music. It felt like a wild mix of Rock, Metal and some easier Pop elements. It talked to me as if it's all about what the guys are going through these days - you can feel that there's the power and sometimes the frustration in that comes along in life. I think it's something that feels like pouring out your heart to someone because you can't hold all of this back.

Insanity Moments live at Kotten Lingen 15.07.2017

Vocalist Jan Blume stood out a bit with his fearless performance. For some reason the audience held a distance to the stage but he filled the gap with going straight into there and perform directly in front of those people. I think that surprised most people and added to the good songs of the band. Check out a live recording done at another venue that the band uploaded to YouTube.

Shortly afterwards Semperfield took over and they played their hearts out this evening. While mostly sticking to the Heavy Rock formula the band played a long and very extended set to the audience. This concert sometimes felt endless to me - and that's a good sign. I thought they would never end this set. Semperfield mostly brought their own original material with them which surely has been inspired by the Foo Fighters but was a great pleasure to the writer of these lines. They also played a cover tune every here and there. Nirvana's "Smells like teen spirit" was warmly welcomed by the crowd and the audience changed into a pit feeling like a mirror of the power that was circulating on stage.

Semperfield rocked the youth center Kotten at Lingen 15.07.2017

Here's the videoclip for the band's own song "Dusty Paradise" for you to check out.

Finally it should be mentioned that this was part 3 of a new concert series in Lingen, Germany. Part 4 is already coming up and will take place on August 19th 2017 at Alter Schlachthof in Lingen. Kings Call will be the headliner of that evening. Make sure to pick all the further information from the Facebook page for the concert series.


XII Boar return as Twelve Boar with new album

These days the news reached my inbox that a new album of UK Rock 'n' Rollers Twelve Boar is on the way. The band decided to re-brand from XII Boar to Twelve Boar and announced the release of their third effort "No Forgiveness" (this means that the band made one album each year - going strong in my eyes).

In the words of the band we can expect "brash, Motörhead-esque riffage, huge sing-along choruses and an overwhelming sense of fun injected into every song." So far they shared the artwork and new logo which reminds me of old C64 and Amiga Computer games - I loved that thing on first sight.

The cover of the new Twelve Boar record made by Rahadil Hermana, (c) by Twelve Boar, used with kind permission

‘No Forgiveness’ was produced once again by Chris Fielding and is set for release on Friday 8th September 2017.  Pre-orders are now available from the band at http://xiiboar.bigcartel.com.

Track Listing:
1.       Steppin' Up
2.       Golden Goose
3.       The Curtain Call
4.       No Forgiveness
5.       Elders From The Deep
6.       Snake On A Lead
7.       All the Heavy Griftin'
8.       Panama
9.       Hellspeed Truckin'


CD Review: Counterfeit Culture - Deathwish (Melodic Metalcore, 2017)

A melodic metalcore release doing things a different way. I was surprised listening to this one.

Having looked through this blog I've noticed lately that there isn't any metalcore up yet. So as the chance came around to review this one I packed it with both hands since the description sounded promising. A band mixing metalcore with several influences like alternative was something I had not experienced before so I gave it a shot.

The cover of Counterfeit Culture's EP "Deathwish", (c) by Counterfeit Culture, used with kind permission


Of course there are the typical elements to be found - the bold sound, the heavy vocals and hard drums. But beside that there are a lot of variations and unusual things to be found. It starts with the way the songs are build - I've not heard metalcore songs with such a span of variation before.

It starts already with opener "Apothecary". The first half has only slight and softer guitar parts with it. The track turns and evolves to a more heavier piece of music. Anyway it's still different - the track remains a bit slower in terms of tempo and the vocals also provide change all the while.

"Second Soul"  starts out more metalcore typical but won't do so for a long time. The drums give a fresh whirl before things begin to become static. The whole pattern changes in the last third to a more slower formula. I like this for all the way the drums show that they can dominate a track at times and push it into a new direction every here and there.

The EP closes out with "X".  It mixes a rough edgy beginning just to move over to some soft notes. To me it's the most intensive song of the three-song-pack. It's a fine demonstration how to go a slower and more below-the-line attempt in a melodic metalcore song.

Preview Track and Purchase-Link

I've picked one song out of the release for you as a quick check out track. Make sure to support Counterfeit Culture with a purchase of the EP at the band's webshop. The EP comes out 1st August 2017. You can pick up the tracks digitally right now on all standard plattforms such as Apple Music or Spotify if you don't want to wait until August.

Contact Data

Tune in to the social channels of the band at Facebook or Twitter.


Single Review: Mike Milan Dedic - Escape (Instrumental Rock,2017)

Shred guitarist Mike Milan Dedic presents a brand new track and it's a surprise to the reviewer. I never thought hat he would move on so much further with this release called "Escape".

The cover of Mike Milan Dedic's brand new release "Escape"


Heaving heard and reviewd his previous EP I was sure that more shred-oriented material would come along with this one. The new single "Escape" that comes as a one track download is a explosion of progress in my ears. It's much more song-oriented, there's more of a earworm feeling at times than on the first release which sounded more of a demonstration of the guitar playing abilities of Mike Milan Dedic. 

To me it's more of a rocking number that split's the dutys. The guitars take a good part of the sound but the backline of drums and bass also has their moments when they are able to shine for themselves.

The track feels much better, fresher  and sounds overall much more moving, diverse and changing throughout it's full duration. There's even time to relax at some  parts. A big step forward!  

Purchase-Link and Track Stream
Make sure to have a listen for yourselves. You can purchase and listen to the track at the same link (CD Baby).

Contact Data
Finally make sure to connect with this outstanding guitarist via Facebook to be notified of what's going on in the future.


American Standards sends activating life message

"Every moment is a new chance" (Quote of the movie poster for 8 Mile)

Yes, this saying in fact comes of the poster for a rap movie but it brings my thoughts up to the point. Any given day is a something great if we're given it. But how should we use the time we get?

The chaotic hardcore/noise punk band American Standards out of Phoenix, AZ has given a great answer to this. The statement of vocalist Brandon Kellum touched with a dark yet activating message that explains the meaing of the video single that you can watch below: "Carpe Diem, Tomorrow" is about getting out of your comfort zone. Being open to new experiences and ways of thinking. Moving is living. You're not getting any younger and there will never be a "right time" so do something that scares the hell out of you every day of your life."

While the track may sound a bit vicious on the first listening it grew on me with every listen. In fact I think it's more of a special art to make a song sound like this. While it starts sorted it unfolds to the heavier side and it's spreading energy through various ways and passages. All the while the energy level is kept high and kicking pressing it's hard message with every word. Make sure to have a eye on the lyrics in the song description on Youtube.

If you like what you hear make sure to head on over to Bandcamp to listen to the full album "Anti-Melody". There's much more there to discover and the DIY band has put in lot's of energy to give you more food for thought this way.

A bandpicture of American Standards, Photo Credit: Jacob Reynolds

You can follow American Standards via Facebook or Instagram for all the latest information on upcoming shows etc.


Tower Of Babel give razor-sharp preview to coming album

Some bands come around and you've never heard of them before and they surprise you with music blowing you away. It's been like this with Tower Of Babel for me.

This band features vocalist Csaba Zvekan (Exorcism, Raven Lord, Metal Machine), virtuoso guitarist Joe Stump (Raven Lord, HolyHell, Reign of Terror), bassist Nic Angileri (Exorcism, Jorn), keyboardist Maestro Mistheria (Vivaldi Metal Project) and drummer Mark Cross (Tainted Nation, Outloud, Firewind, Helloween, Metalium) and has released the first full track of the upcoming album "Lake of Fire".

The song comes along with great razor-sharp guitars that really nail the riffs. It's mixed loud and this adds a good potion of agression to the sound in my ears. The vocals are also standing out since they are held in a higher, lightly screamed yet clear way - something you don't hear everyday. It adds a great feel to the track.

It's surely a song for all the lovers of classic Rock 'n' Roll in the way of the 70's/80's. I had to think of early Axel Rudi Pell mixed up with ingridents of Yngwie Malmsteen while listening to this one.

Tower Of Babel will put out their album Lake of Fire on July 20th.
The cover of Tower Of Babel's upcoming record "Lake of Fire", (c) by Tower Of Babel, used with kind permission
Make sure to stay in connection with the band via Facebook so you won't miss out the next steps until the album will drop.


Mathieu Bauer performs modern drumming in excellence

I'm always amazed to see today's drummer perform. Back in the day drummers in metal music for sure always had to perform with lots of power to properly give the beat to the music.

But these days the impression won't leave me that the level has improved a lot up to nearly infinity. What can be seen and heard these days that sticksmen show on their drumsets always sets me on fire. It's nearly impossible. Those people for sure most have spent many hours practising to gain the level they play on right now.

One of them is Mathieu Bauer who swings the sticks for modern metallers Brutai. He just recently put out a drum playthrough video for the track "Of Ashes" taken of the band's debut "Born". Just play click and you won't believe your eyes and ears what can be seen and heard:

Mathieu has recently been featured in Rhythm Magazine in the UK, and has been previously featured on Modern Drummer. The band he plays drums for is called Brutai and just played Download Festival and were nominated for 'Best New Band' for the Golden Gods in the UK.

They are signed to Fairwood Music publishing, home to David Bowie's music, and will be touring with Kobra and the Lotus later this year. Make sure to have a eye on Brutai's Facebook page for dates and all the further band updates.


Powerless Rise release redemptive clip of feelings

Sometimes it's hard to let go of bad feelings. Music has often helped me in a redemptive way here. Somehow it free's up the soul of it's bad condition holding us down and preventing us of feeling better.

This clip here of the US female fronted Hard Rock group Powerless Rise helped me to get over such a gap so I thought it would be great to share this moment with all of you out there.

If you like what you hear and would like to have a copy of the song to carry on with you it's surely fine news to know that Powerless Rise has set up a free digital download of the single available from Soundcloud.

The video delivers a very expressive performance. I like the blue tone of the video. It expresses the state of mind with the visuals perfectly. It's all about depicting the tormented spirit and emotional roller coaster associated with heart break and tragedy.

A bandshot of Powerless Rise while doing the video for "Battered Soul", (c) by Powerless Rise, used with kind permission
The track is featured on the band's debut record “Set Sail” which is available on iTunes, Amazon, iHeart Radio, and Google Play among many other online retailers.  The album is also available for purchase as a download or physical CD at the band’s official website www.powerlessrise.com.

The band is already working on a new EP so make sure to connect with the band via Facebook.so you won't miss out on the further band activities.


CD Review: Final Coil - Persistence Of Memory (Alt-progressive Metal, 2017)

A dark toned alt progressive album with lots of details to discover and a lyrical concept
that provides a critical look upon our technical overloaded existence.

This album comes around a bit different than the previous recordings. The first full length goes a different way to keep you on the stereo while listening.

The artwork of Final Coil's debut full lenth "Persistence Of Memory", (c) by Final Coil, used with kind permission

Summary and Track by track review
First of all it kicks in with the well known heavyness of the previous EP "Closed To The Light" just to throw you into cold water with softer and fragile vocals. These elements need a moment to sink in but we'll see later why it makes sense to be this way. "Corruption" is a great opener and introduction anyway.

The following "Dying" comes around with a simpler structure and feels familar, yet it also is not so straight as other tracks of Final Coil. The more rounds you'll give this the more you'll enjoy the atmosphere and details in this song.

"Alone" variates a lot throughout it's duration, while the basic riff is kept simple. It reminds of the first ever EP of the band but with better vocals.

A touch of Depeche Mode reaches your ears with the next one. The second single "You waste my time" comes with pop appeal yet it's much more dirty and rough than songs from that style.

A surprise is send our way with "Myopic". This is going back to the heavy formula, yet it's structure builds tension just to stop at it's climax. Great tune and fat production.

A band picture of the Leicester based band Final Coil, (c) by Final Coil, used with kind permission

If you started to discover the band while they put out the "Live with doubt" EP you'll love "Spider Feet". It has lot's of the music of that release. A hard tonality mixed with soft notes in the verses just to give you a blast with it's long and stretched refrain. One of my faves of the record.

The best is yet to come. This saying comes true with "Failed Light". It's epicness is a love letter to the beginnings of progressive music in days when Pink Floyd started to record music. It's giving me chilling freeze and lot's of noise tension in the end. One of the best tracks ever written IMHO.

"Lost Hope" provides what the song title promises. Sweet and slow suffering mixed with melodies sounding like lost in the haze.

The rough edge returns with "Moths to the flame". A cutting riff runs through this one. It's definitely for the fans of early material of the band.

Want more riffs? You got it! "In silent reproach" has a propeller rotating riff shaker with it. The drums kick heavier in here. Something less often to be found on "Persistence of Memory".

The album is closed with a silent number called "Alienation". Musically I would compare it with the "Somnambulant" accoustic sessions. A piece of music deeply rooted in thoughts and emotions yet the end holds something like a "won't give in" sound with it.

Finally the question: has the band become soft and are the vocals too easy?
I think it was the best decision to keep a eye on change and progression. Life is change. Everything is changing. I would've been silly to keep it all the same. As for me the band has found a way to maintain the hard riffs but to build  them into the music a intelligent way to give room for atmosphere and darkness.

The vocals are lighter most of the album but looking at the lyrical concept of digital distortion and destruction of humans (my interpretation of the lyrics) other styles wouldn't have fit. It's about hurt and regret so this needs to be expressed properly in my ears.

Finally I would recommend this record to you but listen to it on a real stereo system. The full ingridents only come to life with a extended sound system. All the laptop and smartphone stuff I tried never provided the full listening experience. Don't worry: a normal stereo system of a basic range already fit's your needs. Just make sure it has sharp sound and good bass sound available.

Album Stream / Purchase Link / Contact Data
It's a treat of great music recorded and mixed for full audio pleasure so it's worth giving back with some money. Remember that music can give you enjoyment for years if treated a good way. Few things in life will do the same for you.

The digital release is available via Bandcamp as of today. The CD version looks gorgeous but will be released September 22th. Pre-order packs of the physical edition with T-Shirts and more goodies will be set up earlier to the release date of the CD version. Just make sure to like the band's Facebook page to be notified or have a look on their homepage the good old way.


NYC music veterans re-launch Radio show Merciless

I hope this site helps all of you people out there to discover new music and stay up to date every here and there. Happily there are more people out there who also help to spread the word about our beloved music. This may be of interest to you since I know a lot of people still love to listen to radio. It's fine as a media to enjoy while you can have a eye on other things, too.

One of them is the radio format Merciless: the all things heavy and aggressive weekly radio show hosted by former In-Effect/Roadrunner/Zomba label A&R/Author Howie Abrams, and underground legend ILL BILL. This audio-based two hour show just made it's re-launch and here are some details. Make sure to tune in!

Longtime friends and sharers of musical interests, Howie Abrams and ILL BILL, have re-launched their popular weekly two-hour radio show, MERCILESS, at Bushwick Radio in Bushwick, Brooklyn after a year-plus at East Village Radio.

The hosts of the radio show Merciless: the all things heavy and aggressive weekly radio show

Merciless features classic, and what the guys refer to as “new classic” metal, hardcore, punk, thrash and crossover; complimented by unique insight and first-hand experiences from Howie and Bill concerning their respective and collective relationships to the artists they play.

Previous guests on Merciless include: Rob Trujillo (Metallica), Away (Voivod), Danny Lilker (Nuclear Assault, S.O.D., Brutal Truth), John Gallagher (Raven), Monte Conner (Roadrunner Records, Nuclear Blast), Tim Williams/Mike Kennedy (Vision of Disorder) and others.

Merciless can be heard every Thursdays from 3 – 5 PM Eastern at www.Bushwickradio.NYC; or on the free Bushwick Radio app, on TuneIn or Spreaker.

Here is some more info about the guys hosting the show:

Howie Abrams is a former music business executive turned author, who has worked with bands the likes of: Bad Brains, Nuclear Assault, Sepultura, Agnostic Front, Misfits, Madball, 24-7 Spyz, Shelter, Type O Negative, Biohazard, Dog Eat Dog and many others. More recently, Howie co-authored Finding Joseph I; An Oral History of H.R. from Bad Brains (Lesser Gods), as well as The Merciless Book of Metal Lists (Abrams Image).

ILL BILL is an emcee, producer and unabashed metal fanatic. He is well-known for infusing heavy metal and hardcore influenced lyrics into his work with Non Phixion, La Coka Nostra, Heavy Metal Kings and also as a solo artist.


CD Review: Unothera - Broken EP (Doom/Death Metal, 2016)

A EP rooted in both genres - Doom and Death Metal with extraordinaty vocal performances packed in classic songwriting format.

The cover of Unothera's "Broken" EP, (c) by Unothera, used with kind permission

This silver disc reminds me of classic gothic metal releases of the traditional acts such as Paradise Lost in their beginnings. It lives of the contrasts in the sound. On the one hand many clear and lighter sound-textured parts are part of the songs while other sections are held much heavier, darker with growls and lot's of distorted guitars rounded out with midtempo grooving drums.

On above all of this mixture melodic splitters are put inside that give a softer tonality or dominate with their high notes some heavier sections as if they were put there to light those parts a bit up. 

The high vocals deserve a special mention. They vary a lot through the whole EP and spice the whole release up. "Winter" is a good example for this. Everything is held in classic songwriting format but the slight additions mentioned above make this one to point to later on again. It sounds different from other releases of the same genre. If you're into this sort of metal I recommend you to check this EP. It may be a fine surprise to you.

Purchase-Link & Preview Track

This five track disc can be purchased directly through the Facebook page of Unothera for 5 Euro plus shipping and handling. You'll receive a burned silver media in a small slipcase but with a professional, sharp layouted small booklet that holds the lyrics of the release. That's not very common for such offerings. The disc itself comes labeled with the motive of the cover but in a different incarnation. Nice gimmick that is not to be found too often.

One track of the EP found it's way online so I've added it here as a preview track.

Contact Data

You can get in touch with Unothera via there online presence on Facebook.


Pryti speaks out about fears of life

Fear surely is a emotion we all have come across in our lifes. It's not easy at all to go through life and to face all the decisions we have to make.

Alternative singer/songwriter Pryti has picked up this topic and worked it up in a proper lyric video for her single "Angst" off her recent debut album, Tales of a Melancholic. This version of the song is newly remastered and available via the common digital plattforms.

It's a heavy, pushing and raw riffing track that came as a surprise to me. Being introduced to the softer side of Pryti before this kicking track made my ears open widely. The text also is worth having a look so the lyric video is a perfect fit if you're struggling with doubt every here and there.

In addition to that Pryti will also be playing her first live show in London, UK on June 14th, at The Black Heart with support from Awooga. This event offers free entry so don't miss out the chance to see this great singer/songwriter and experience her unique atmospheric tracks with your own eyes and ears.

All details are listed on the flyer below. Also make sure to invite your friends via Facebook because visiting shows is more fun with good friends by your side.

The flyer for the 2017 Camden show, (c) by Pryti, used with kind permission
Finally keep a eye on Pryti using social channels such as Youtube, Twitter or Instagram.


Female fronted doom band Mist confirmed for Bloodstock 2017

The Bloodstock Open Air has become a event of high profile. In the past years many great performances could be enjoyed there. The 2017 edition will feature well-known names such as Ghost, Megadeth, Testament, Obituary, Arch Enemy, Kreator, Blind Guardian and Amon Amarth.

But what about the smaller bands that will play? Which may be worth a look? One of them surely is be the female fronted doom combo Mist which have just been confirmed for the 2017 edition of the Open Air.

The band "Mist", Photo by: Uroš Spruk ,used with kind permission

The band is happy to be able to play a show there and has already announced to make this performance a special one:

»We are thrilled to have been given this opportunity! Our first album is coming out this year and we've decided to perform one of the unreleased songs for the first time at BOA. This will be our second time in the UK and we'll make sure it's a blast.« Grab the flyer below to make sure not to miss out their perfomance at the Bloodstock Open Air.

The showtime and stage for BOA 2017, (c) by Mist, used with kind permission

Mist build their music on the legacy of legendary bands like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Candlemass, Coven and others. Check out the title track of the EP Inan' in the player below. 

The band released their first demo recordings in November 2013 which have been re-issued on CD three times due to great interest. 

In 2014 they signed to Dutch label Soulseller Records and released their first EP »Inan'« the following year. Currently the band is busy recording their first full-length album, the title is to be announced soon.

Make sure to follow them further to be notified on how the story of this uprising band goes on.

https://www.facebook.com/mist. doom


Rock Hard Festival 2017 livestream confirmed

This weekend has a double-treat coming up for us - not only will the Rock am Ring festival take place but the Open Air of the megazine of the same name (Rock Hard) will also open it's gates.

Anyway it has just been announced that there will be a livestream of this festival, too.
You can watch the shows at the homepage of the legendary TV format "Rockpalast".

So far it's sure that the broadcast times will be as follows:

Friday, 02.06.17: 16:00 – 23:00 h
Saturday, 03.06.17: 14:00 – 23:00 h
Sunday, 04.06.17: 18:30 – 23:00 h

The traditional way live videos were recorded back in the day...

Here's the running order taken of the Rock Hard festival website:

Friday, 2. Juni

21:30 - 23:00 BLUES PILLS
19:45 - 21:00 CANDLEMASS
18:15 - 19:15 THE DEAD DAISIES
17:05 - 17:50 MANTAR
15:00 - 15:40 DUST BOLT

Saturday, 3. Juni

21:30 - 23:00 BEHEMOTH
19:45 - 21:00 D.A.D.
18:15 - 19:15 EXODUS
16:45 - 17:45 ASPHYX
15:35 - 16:20 SKYCLAD
13:30 - 14:10 KETZER
12:30 - 13:10 MONUMENT

Sunday, 4. Juni

21:30 - 23:00 OPETH
19:40 - 21:00 DIRKSCHNEIDER („Farewell To Accept“)
18:00 - 19:10 FATES WARNING
16:30 - 17:30 ROSS THE BOSS („Manowar-Classics“)
15:15 - 16:00 DEMON
14:05 - 14:50 SECRETS OF THE MOON
13:00 - 13:40 BLOOD CEREMONY
12:00 - 12:40 NIGHT DEMON

In addition to all of this there will be a broadcast of shows via german television station WDR. The exact dates are give below:

19.06.17:  00:45 - 04.15 h
26.06.17:  00:45 - 04:15 h
03.07.17:  00:45 - 04:15 h


Rock am Ring 2017 livestream coming up

Speaking of livestreams - the festival season once again is drawing near.

One of the biggest of them is Rock am Ring here in Germany. The message just came in that this year there will be a livestream once again hosted on the sites of the german Telekom (a big telephone and cellphone service provider in Germany).

It will start on June 2nd and feature seven livestreams all based at this location. For the first time you'll be able to capture one of the streams with the 360 degrees feature. This should give you at least a little more festival feeling with it.

All recordings of the shows will stay online as a stream on demand for 30 days.

These years line-up of Rock am Ring features System of a Down, In Flames. Airbourne, Alter Bridge and many more. Just check the schedule to see who's playing and when.

Finally remember to visit local Open Airs from time to time and support organizers and bands with a purchase there. You'll help to keep the festivals and bands alive who all have costs to cover as well all have to. Please keep that in mind.


Tethra to play and stream live show on empty venue

I dislike to complain. It's useless to me in life. But facing the fact that it's hard to make people attend a live show these days needs to be talked in my eyes. I know from self experience that we are all cut short of money.

But only attending performances through a livestream? I stream a lot here on the page through embeding stuff.  But it's all just to give everyone a quick check in to music.

At least one show at a time should be able to many people. So this experiment of Italy's melancholic doom/death metallers Tethra found my attention. This should help us all to get the focus on the topic.

The band says in their own words: "In recent years, many small and medium-sized clubs dedicated to metal music have closed or changed their genre because of the low attendance at the concerts.

It's a global phenomenon that, if it does not have a clear turnabout, will oblige all industry employees to make drastic decisions.

We would like to raise awareness among all fans of the genre, assuming a catastrophic scenario for the next future: what will happen when the last live club closes its doors? Will emerging bands play no more or will they totally rely on aseptic live streaming from rehearsal studio and improvised venues?

For this reason, Thursday 8th June at 22pm (CET time), we'll play a full set Live Streaming show in a real live venue open just for us, furthermore, to give everyone the opportunity to participate in this event, we'll keep the video online for 24 hours.

You can follow the event through our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TethraHell

The flyer for the Tethra show at a empty venue, (c) by Tethra, used with kind permission
This is our particular contribution to the cause, hoping to be able to induce a reflection before this catastrophic scenario becomes a reality, because that night we will create a paradox that more than one band has had to endure in its career: playing in an empty room ... will you be with us?"

If you don't know the band yet here's their current lyric video:


CD Review: Dö - Astral: Death/Birth (Dark Stoner Metal, 2017)


Over a year has passed since the Finish stoner trio released "Tuho", and now they are back with a brand new two song EP called "Astral: Death/Birth".

It's a concept EP inspired by things happening around us at this very moment, and the future that does not look that bright for mankind.

The songs were recorded live during one session at their rehearsal space. The aim was to capture the intensive live feeling and maintain their roughness this way.

The cover of Dö's Astral: Death/Birth, Cover by Big Dog, (c) by Dö, used with kind permission

This EP takes some of the finest elements of the predecessor and developes the music of the band to a new more atmorspheric level. The EP starts out with many loud-silent soundscapes in track number one "Astral Death" as if the song slowly fades in. It's a intensive but slow introduction to the fresh material followed by the typical compact stoner sound. The band shows what they're capable of when it comes to being a tight rhythm oriented band. The song is filled to the brim with compact riffs and kick ass drums that you'll love once you've discovered 'em. The end rips the track up - things start to get much more rougher on this one but things are still enjoyable. It's my favorite of the new EP - it has this relaxing effect on me once again (at least in the begining of it).

The second song "Astral Birth" comes as a extended jamming number. The track unfolds throughout the full duration. So there is basically a core drum pattern and melody present while more elements are added every here and there. This reminds of music in tradition of longtracks of progressive bands. At the middle at around 6 minutes more rough elements are added to the track giving the song a rougher sound jacket. Finally there's one more change at round 9 minutes giving it a even more devasted feeling. The song is great yet the only thing I would change is not to put in too many of the high notes with it - they tend to dominate the sound a bit too much.

It may sound as a contrast but in all the rough live sound the band has put in a lot of outworked fine details. More than ever this is music for relaxtion and mediation. Concentrate and focus on the music. You'll love the enjoyment this will bring you.

A promo band shot, Photo by Jaakko Rinne, (c) by Dö, used with kind permission


The EP is self-released digitally on May 26th 2017 via Bandcamp, and there will be a small amount of CD's available from the Bandcamp site, too. If the band will set up a EP stream I'll include it here so please check back from time to time.

Update 2017/05/26: The EP is out and a stream has surfaced so I've added it below.

Contact Data

Make sure to follow the next steps of the band via Facebook. That's where you can also pick up more info on upcoming dates and so on.


Collectors Item: Antidote - The Truth (Re-Issue Announcement)

Sometimes it's surprising when information about a band surfaces that you've already thought to be lost in time. One of these moments just happened when I heard about the finish band Antidote again.

Having heard 'em first way back in 1998 on a sampler of the Rock Hard magazine I couldn't get the progressive thrashers out of my mind. Their song "The Mind Alive" was way to strong to leave behind so some time afterwards I found myselves happy enough to be able to purchase this album of the same name. It is the second one in the band's career and features the more melodic site of the band.

Back to present days I received a note saying that Minotauro Records is going to re-issue ANTIDOTE'S "The Truth" album along with a Bonus CD w/ Demos from 1990 to 1992 restored and remastered!

The front cover of Antidote's album "The Truth", (c) by Antidote, used with kind permission

"The Truth" is the band's first album, originally released in 1992. As far as I know this record features more of the heavier side of the band and Nino Laurenne was singing differently on this one, too. Anyway I thought this info to be of value for all of you collectors out there. More info is said to follow soon. I'll update this article once more stuff will come in, so please stay tuned.

ANTIDOTE line-up:
Mika Arnkil - Drums (later with Impaled Nazarene)
Nino Laurenne - Vocals (lead), Guitars (now with Thunderstone)
Pete Peltonen - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Tuomo Louhio - Guitars, Vocals (backing) (later with Impaled Nazarene)


Free sampler for Metalocalypstickfest plus volunteer options for free entry available

Some time ago we shared the word about a festival located in Canada that features metal bands with female musicians in them. I'm still of the opinion that women can contribute a lot to a metal band with their difference in sound, optic and stage presence. It just feels different for me when I see and hear a band that has a female part in them.

So if you think about going to the festival or just want to have a quick check in to the sound of those bands you may be happy to read that a FREE digital sampler of the bands that participate in these years edition of the fest has been released. Properly entitled "Metal Queens Vol.1" is features a wide variation of bands of all around the globe.

To get your Free Download, please visit the following link or stream directly from the player below. https://metalocalypstickfest.bandcamp.com/album/metalocalypstick-metal-queens-vol-1

If you're in trouble having money to attend the festival - there are ways to get inside for FREE in exchange of some support you need to show the organizers.

Here's what you can do for them:

- 1st way Volunteer! We need merch girls, photographers, security, front gate peeps! http://metalocalypstickfest.rocks/volunteers-2/
- 2nd way is to share the event page, we will be giving away free tickets randomly until fest time. www.facebook.com/events/1158984924137688
- 3rd way is to come out to our annual fundraiser! May 18th at The Rickshaw Theatre.

This year's festival is being held during Canada Day weekend July 1st and 2nd on the outdoor grounds of the Interlakes Community Center in Lone Butte, BC.

Artwork by Abradinfluence

2017 Line-Up and Set Times - Metalocalypstick

Saturday, July 1st:
1pm - Sins Of Sorrow (Edmonton, AB) 
2pm - Breaking The Silent (Edmonton, AB) 
3pm - Kymatica (Vancouver, BC) 
4pm - Forsaken Rite (Edmonton, AB)
5pm - Remnants (Edmonton, AB)
6pm - Tessitura (Edmonton, AB)
7pm - Massive Scar Era (Vancouver, BC / Cairo, Egypt)
8pm - Scythia (Calgary, AB)
9pm - Cabrakaan (Toluca, Mexico)

Sunday, July 2nd:
1pm - Life Like Fire (Calgary, AB)
2pm - Meteor Tree (Kelowna, BC)
3pm - HEDKS (Vancouver, BC)
4pm - Korperlose Stimme (Edmonton, AB)
5pm - Juliet Ruin (Edmonton, AB)
6pm - Violent Betty (Saskatoon, SK)
7pm - Anarcheon (Vancouver, BC)
8pm - Atmora (Windsor, ON)
9pm - Sovereign Council (Kingston, ON)

Day and weekend passes plus camping available at http://metalocalypstickfest.rocks/tickets/
Ride Share - www.facebook.com/groups/metalocalypstickfestrideshare/
Event Page- www.facebook.com/events/1158984924137688/

Festival Location:
Interlakes Community Association and the
Roe Lake & District Recreation Commission
7592 Highway 24,
Lone Butte, BC