Sonic Prophecy give a high pitch vocal performance on new video

As for me it's a pleasure to see bands continue what began in the early days of Heavy Metal. Having grown up myselves with the classics of bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the like it feels just great to know younger bands take up the torch and preserve and evolve fruther what has been seeded by the legends.

Such a thought came across my mind when I checked the newest video of Sonic Prophecy, While the band lays a continuous basic with it's relentless guitar energy and pushing and powerfull drums it's the vocals that raised my attention with it's high pitch. They are presented in various high forms in short distance following one after each other. That's something not easy to perform at all. It gives this track something to be remembered - hard to get out of your mind once heard. But have a ear for yourselves and enjoy the moment.

This single comes around as a first sign for the new album "Savage Gods" that will see the light of day via Rockshots Records on January 19, 2018 as one of the first releases of the upcoming year. Here I've got the artwork and tracklist for you to check out. Pre-Order is already up on Amazon. In the meantime you can also buy the single "Night Terror" on iTunes and Amazon.

The cover of "Savage Gods", (c) by Sonic Prophecy, used with kind permission

1. Savage Gods (6:44)
2. Night Terror (5:38)
3. Unholy Blood (5:13)
4. Dreaming Of The Storm (4:55)
5. Man The Guns (5:04)
6. Walk Through The Fire (7:09)
7. A Prayer Before Battle (5:46)
8. Iron Clad Heart (5:24)
9. Man and Machine (6:44)
10. Chasing The Horizon (6:14)

The band has plans for a tour after the release in North America, Europe and beyond.
Make sure to keep a eye on them using social plattforms such as Facebook and Twitter.or give the good old homepage a shot.


Chris Tsangarides performs bass&keys on new King's Call record

Some producer of records have become icons for themselves. But did you know that legend Chris Tsangarides will also perform the Bass Guitars and Keyboards on the upcoming King's Call release? Plus all the mixing, mastering and the production also ran through his hands.

I guess a lot of you guys out there will want to know about "ShowDown" the upcoming album of melodic metal band King's Call so here is the first single for some fast checking out how this collaboration sounds like.

"ShowDown" will be released physically and digitally on 27 November 2017 by Lions Pride Music. Digital copys are up for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Here is the cover, track list and some more detail info for the third release of the band:

The front cover of ShowDown, cover done by Joey Polycarpo, (c) by Kings's Call, used with kind permission

Tracklist: 1) Who am I, 2) Looking in the mirror, 3) Get out, 4) High time, 5) Principle of love, 6) S.O.S, 7) Showdown, 8) Shout it out, 9) Cry on the wind, 10) Rocking in the free world (Neil Young Cover [only on physical version]), 11) Hope.

King's Call Line Up:
Alex Garoufalidis: Vocals, Guitars
Chris Tsangarides: Bass, Keys
Asec Bergemann : Drums

Special guests:
Michael Bormann: Lead & Backing vocals
Tony Carey: Keyboards

Guest Musicians:
Additional vocals & back up vocals: Miriam Busse, Vivi Thill, Stephan Kabisch
Additional Hammond organ: Stephan Kabisch

Front cover by: Joey Polycarpo
Layout by: C.S. Management & Promotions
Mixed, Mastered & Produced by: Chris Tsangarides

Make sure to keep track about what's going on via Facebook or the website of the band.


CD Review: Riffocity - Under a mourning sky (Thrash, 2017)

We had a blast! Sometimes this saying can be spotted at posts on social media once a band has completed their set. I can confirm that this album of greek thrashers Riffocity gave me several highlights and left me more than once with complete astonishing behind.

The cover of Greece thrasher Riffocity debut full length, (c) by Riffocity, used with kind permission

Speaking of secret gems this one surely is one to have the closer look upon. If by any chance thrash is the metal style of your choice I'd like you to check out this release. At first glance you may smile about the band name but be sure once it reaches your ears you'll want more of it. It's not often I use this term but to me this disc is a little sensation in the thrash sector with it's many, many releases. It's hard to believe I never heard of this band before. Now that I know I'll keep my eyes on them that's for sure.

Where other bands take years to reach for perfection Riffocity gives it to you with "Under a mourning sky". Most of the tracks start the classic way with a introduction in a softer way or some first short riff introduction before the full part comes in. The band has a modern attempt on the genre but keeps the direction mostly straight forward but also put's in a lot of variations into each and every track.

It's the diverse use of a combination of power, fast rhythm, hard vocals but also clear structured songs and riff arrangements plus some softer sectionsthat gives this silver disc it's special power. Some of the tracks have been upgraded further with guest performances which add to the already strong basics mentioned.

Tips for quick check-out
Two songs stood out for me. It's the softer "Arnis Oblivion" which gives short moment for relaxation before the thrash goes back on track. But most of all "Perish Unloved" got me. Such a massive heavyness and the duration of seven minutes feels as if the track goes on forever. 

Purchase-Link and Preview-Track

I've listened to this step by step on various sessions. The fine thing is: it only becomes better with each run. So make sure to tune in to the teaser given below and pick up your copy of this thrash sensation directly from the band for 10 Euro plus shipping and handling.

Contact Data
The band has set up outlets on Facebook and YouTube so that's where you can get in touch with them or find more songs for pre-listening their debut album.